RLV-Workbench: Changelog

Version from 2013.02.22
– Export HRM data (hr, power, cadence, etc) into gpx-file
– Import HRM data (altitude, date/time, speed, power, power balance, hr, cadence, airpressure).
– Simulation mode: play video with defined speed and display the current slope, altitude etc. data
– Project: save and load a project file (gpx, rlv and pgmf data incl. setings, etc)
– RLV: Export rlv and gpx data into EPM file
– GPX: limited selected gpx data
– GPX: smooth selected gpx data
– GPX: shift values in selected gpx data
– GPX: Bugfix: delete the first or the last GPX-point
– GPX: Bugfix: create map-view after delete

Version from 2013.07.01
– GPX: graph zoom
– GPX: modified window design
new columns (total distance, time span from step, etc.)
– GPX: edit multiple lines
– GPX: insert multiple lines (insert when time span between 2 Items larger than X seconds)
– GPX: time shift
– GPX: position feedback from graph and from video panel to the GPX-data table
– GPX: export information from selected lines (preparation for info boxes):
min/max/avg. slope;
distance: from up to now, from now to end, and so on.
– GPX: switch to a new map control „GMap“:
Google (Maps, Satellite, Hybrid)
Bing (Maps, Satellite, Hybrid),
OpenStreetMap, etc.
– GPX: advanced delete functionality:
with time shift (red trafic light for example)
without time shift (delete items with corrupt gpx-data…)
– GPX: set the start and the end of selection
– GPX: search/mark corrupt GPX-data
– GPX: search/mark wrong GPX-data as „delete candidate“

– RLV: graph zoom

– correct some bugs
– resizing program window and each program panels

Version from 2013.05.01 
– export all charts to jpg-file
– improved graph representation
– better optimization algorithm for synchronization
– delete single and multiple lines
– edit single line
– insert single line
– smooth funktionality for speed, altitude and slope
– chart settings
– chart settings

Version from 2013.04.04 
– the error on the files creation is corrected
– GPX-Data: speed calculation is corrected
– GPX-Data: View-switch (video, slope, altitude, speed)
– RLV-Data: Speed-chart switch between line, point and area view

Version from 2013.04.01
An error in the creation of rlv and pgmf files was found!
– GPX-Data: new extension
– RLV-Data: Insert Info box text
– RLV-Data: Video view
– PGMF-Data: Video view

Version from 2013.03.16
– PGMF-Data: some new extensions
– solved some bugs

Version from 2013.01.28
– RLV-Data: Error in the calculation of the speed has been corrected.

Version from 2013.01.27
– RLV-Data: recalculate the frame rate.
– RLV-Data: import data from a gpx-file
– PGMF-Data: import data from a gpx-file
– PGMF-Data: smooth slope-value
– All: clear data with „New“ menu item

Version from 2013.01.08
– Maximum length of course name is increased to 17 characters (tested with TTS 3.12  simulation mode)

Version from 2013.01.07
– An error while saving from rlv- files has been corrected

Version from 2013.01.05
– PGMF tab: changes in the program table will be used and stored (thanks  Jaap)
– small bugs solved