The first (alpha) version of RLV-Installer is ready for testing.  



Manually install the RLV for Fortius

The files are to be placed as shown here:

Place the DE_Nortorf24.avi in the directory C:\Program Files\Tacx\Fortius\catalyst\video\DE_Nortorf24

Place the DE_Nortorf24.rlv in the directory C:\Program Files\Tacx\Fortius\catalyst\video

Place the DE_Nortorf24.pgmf in the directory C:\Program Files\Tacx\Fortius\catalyst\programs

Manually install the RLV for TTS2.x and TTS3.x

For TTS2.x you need to place the DE_Nortorf24.tts in the directory C:\Users\All Users\Tacx\TTS2\RLV


For TTS3.x you need to place the DE_Nortorf24.tts into C:\Users\All Users\Tacx\TrainerSoftware\TTS3\Trainings\RLV

Depending on your operating system (Windows 7 in the example) you mey have deviations concerning the directories. Should that be the case, there is some handiwork needed additionally:

For the Fortius software: Using RLV-Workbench you can correct the directory of the avi-file.

For TTS 2.x:
1. Do not copy the DE_Nortorf24.TTS.
2. Adjust the paths like you would do for the Fortius.
3. Import the RLV in the TTS program.

Alternatively: Edit the file installedvideos.xml as described  below.


Manually install the RLV for the Tacx Video Player

After the videoplayer is installed, the tts file is added to the list of installed RLVs.
You need to find the folder of the TacxVideoPlayer in the All-Users directory (see TTS installation):

In the settings-folder you will find the installedvideos.xml file:

There you can add the new video:

Done 🙂