Strength / Power

Stamina (VO2MAX) and strength are two of the most important aspects for a cyclist. Off course you can work on your power and or strength in a gym but a cyclist needs specific power (strength-endurance, maximum strength). These types of workouts are mainly used in the Base and intensity period (of our periodization table). If needed you can add these work outs in peak and or race period too. Be sure to start these workouts well rested and always perform a firm warm up. These workouts are for advanced cyclists only.(From Tacx: Cycle power work-out)

BRP 01
Total time 01:01:00
Maximum slope 4%

BRP 02
Total time 01:10:00
Maximum slope 7%

BRP 03
Total time 01:15:30
Maximum slope 5%

BRP 04
Total time 01:05:00
Maximum slope 6%

BRP 05
Total time 01:15:00
Maximum slope 4%

BRP 06
Total time 01:35:00
Maximum slope 5%

BRP 07
Total time 01:00:00
Maximum slope 3%

BRP 08
Total time 00:59:00
Maximum slope 4%

BRP 09
Total time 01:10:00
Maximum slope 6%

BRP 10
Total time 01:10:00
Maximum slope 3%

BRP 11
Total time 01:16:00
Maximum slope 3%

BRP 12
Total time 01:25:00
Maximum slope 3%

Bg = Big ring in front
Sm = small ring in front
ILS = Isolated leg spin: Put other leg/foot on the back of the trainer or on a chair
TTS workouts have infoboxes for program execution.



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